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Our Audio/Visual Solutions

A successful audio-visual installation is more than the sum of its parts. Triple Source Technologies firmly believes that AV integration is critical, so the entire audio and visual system works seamlessly every time. Since inception, our team of system integrators have resolved countless AV installation issues, so you can be confident that Triple Source Technologies will deliver an audio video installation for your organization that not only meets your needs but retains pin-point accuracy towards your budget.

Triple Source Technologies offers the following AV solutions:

Digital Signage

Digital signage has two distinct advantages over traditional printed signage. First and foremost, the cost of switching signs is no more or less than developing the sign’s graphic design. Especially for digital menu boards, where items may change frequently, we have seen a growing popularity for these types of signs both in the Phoenix Valley and Southern California area. For retail or service businesses, digital signage provides a fast and easy opportunity to showcase sales, special events, or any other promotional or informational announcements.

Second, interactive displays with a touch screen interface offer your customers a self-serve transactional or informational experience that is customer-tailored to their exact needs and desires. Layer usage analytics on top of a great user experience and you’ll learn new details about your customers in perfect crystalline clarity. Our experienced team of designers and engineers can walk you through the process every step of the way from ideas on paper to active digital displays in your business or storefront.

Distributed Paging

Ideal for parking structures, school campuses, medical buildings, stadiums & public parks

Are you looking for VoIP phone service for your business? Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), also called IP telephony, is a technology for the delivery of voice communications and multimedia sessions over Internet Protocol networks, such as the Internet. Staying connected with both clients and colleagues is an absolute essential part to your day-to-day operation. Triple Source Technologies remain committed to leveraging our industry leading experience to design and implement a VoIP phone system that exceeds your organization’s expectations.

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When seconds count distributed paging, direction signage and two-way communication can save lives. Triple Source Technologies designs emergency paging systems and mass communication (public address) solutions that allow users to make single or group calls when it matters most. Our cost-effective solutions ensure effective messaging and instruction through the use of various speakers, horns, visual signage, and desktop/mobile pop-ups.

Common applications include campus address systems, hospital emergency paging, or emergency contact intercoms commonly located in large parking structures, school campuses, medical buildings, stadiums and public parks.

computer support and services computer support

Video Conferencing

Triple Source Technologies has extensive experience in custom video conferencing system design and full video conferencing service integration into your work environment ensuring your colleagues and clients remain engaged. Our customizable high-definition visual communication systems bridge the gap between in-person and remote meetings ensuring the team is unified, connected, and empowered to complete the task at hand. From conference rooms, lecture halls, immersive environments, huddle rooms, to small gathering spaces our integrations team can turn your room into a collaborative and efficient environment.

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Video Conferencing

Video Displays

The Triple Source Technologies team specializes in custom video wall design & installation. Our integrations team takes pride in being the industry leader of zero bezel video walls. Whether you’re in need of a video wall within your control center, conference room, or integrated within a digital signage platform count on Triple Source Technologies to leverage both LCD and LED video wall display panels to support our needs both indoors and outdoors.

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