Top Cybersecurity Concerns for 2021

Cybersecurity Threats

What does 2021 hold in terms of cybersecurity? What are some of the greatest security issues your business can face? Let’s take a moment to stop and review these concerns and learn how Triple Source Technologies can help protect your business.

Increase in Remote Work

Even as workers return to the office, work from home is here to stay. In a study conducted by CPO Magazine, 58% of workers shifted to remote work during the pandemic. Moreover, the shift to the home was done rapidly without a thought towards securing company assets. While this enables greater flexibility, it can place workers outside of many traditional cybersecurity protections put in place by organizations. Security firm Kaspersky noticed a massive increase in attacks directed against remote desktops, accompanied by a 43% increase in the search “how to remove a virus”. Still, workers enjoy working from home, and as many as 79% of companies plan to allow remote work. When taking this into considerations, organizations need to develop effective strategies to work remotely.

Partnering with Triple Source Technologies, organizations can begin developing effective remote work strategies. Leveraging industry-leading antivirus protection, we can help to ensure your employees remain safe while working from home. Further, we deploy advanced protection to allow your remote workers safe access to company resources.

Unsecured Cloud Environments

Another important technology trend has been the shift towards cloud services. While moving items to the cloud can have major benefits, it also creates cybersecurity risk. As workers access more and more resources in the cloud, the possibility of an incident increases. Ensuring correct policies and settings grows in importance as use increases. Partnering with Triple Source Technologies allows an experienced 3rd party to properly access your cloud infrastructure for vulnerabilities. We monitor configurations and advise on best practices, such as using multi-factor authentication, to ensure the safety of your data.

Insider Threats

One of the greatest challenges to cybersecurity is always the everyday user. Whether malicious or not, its estimated 95% of data breaches occur through employee action. With the rise of remote work, employees are placed outside of the traditional protections offered by the office. Further, many employees lack or need refreshing on best practices for security. Partnering with Triple Source Technologies provides you access to trusted advisors giving you resources and training to ensure your employees are aware of potential threats.

More Malware and Targeted Phishing

Finally, malware and phishing remain popular with cybercriminals looking to breach your cybersecurity. Methods are always becoming more sophisticated and are taking better advantage of exploiting current events and trends. An estimated 47% of workers have cited distraction as a key reason they have fallen victim to phishing scams. Partnering with Triple Source Technologies allows us to bring our Email Threat Protection to bear against these scams while ensuring computers are protected from malware. Security training also enables your employees to serve as their own line of defense against security concerns.

When taken all together, 2021 appears to be shaping up as another challenging year for cybersecurity. Triple Source Technologies provides expert solutions to help adapt to an ever-changing landscape for your business ensuring your business has the best possible protection.

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