Ransomware and Your Business


What is Ransomware?

In its most basic form, ransomware is a cyber-attack that infects your network and encrypts your data. Recently, attackers have been using more advanced encryption that is impossible to reverse. As part of the attack, the hacker offers to sell you the key to regain access to your data. While this presents the opportunity of easily recovering your data, there is still no guarantee the key will work. This leaves victims in an even worse spot since not only are they out money, they can still be without their crucial data. For more in-depth information on how ransomware works, visit Trend Micro’s excellent article.

How does Ransomware Spread?

As cyber criminal’s become more advanced, an ever-increasing number of infection vectors appear. The root cause of the infection usually comes from users running malicious software. This software can either be downloaded from the web or received through email. Hackers may also exploit out-of-date or misconfigured systems as starting points. Once an attack has gained a hold on the system, it rapidly moves through the network rendering your data and systems unusable. In the case of the Colonial Pipeline, the initial attack is still unclear; however, the speed that ransomware was able to take down the production network was devastating. The result was the shutdown of one of the United States’ major energy providers. Even though the attack on your business might not be as widespread, it might prove just as devastating to your company.

How can Triple Source Technologies Help?

Triple Source Technologies takes an active approach to keeping you and your network safe. As part of our service, we offer all of our customer’s email threat protection actively checking all incoming mail for any potentially harmful content. All managed devices receive the latest software patches and leading anti-virus solutions to prevent ransomware from gaining a foothold on your systems. As an added layer of protection, our backups ensure we can recover your data even if the worst should happen. Finally, our team of experts monitor and advise you and your employee’s on the ever-increasing number of present threats on the internet.

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