What is a Technology Assessment?

technology assessment

When looking for a Managed Service Provider, the most important thing they can provide is a technology assessment. Triple Source Technologies sees this as an opportunity to review your current technology situation and find areas for improvement. The best part of this is that we offer it as a free service even before bringing you on as a client! It serves as part of our discovery process, acting as an opportunity to find inefficiencies and areas for improvement. A proper technology assessment helps ensure your technology is an asset, not a hindrance.

So what is a technology assessment?

Triple Source Technologies handles technology assessments as a brief (usually under an hour) visit to your site. Our expert observes your technology and how it’s being used while investigating any issues you are experiencing. We also seek to determine how you are currently using your tech and look for ways to utilize it more effectively. Throughout the process, we attempt to discover how your current technology is working for you.

Items we review –

  • Your existing security infrastructure
  • Usage of on-premises servers
  • Network equipment and firewalls
  • Typical workstations and laptops
  • Wifi connectivity and security
  • Your current phone system
  • System backup plans and disaster recovery

Finally, we like to review your current IT-related bills, including:

  • Internet Service Provider (ISP)
  • Phone System
  • Email provider
  • Webhosting
  • Any software subscriptions
  • Your current IT service

As we review these items, our experts often find areas where you’re paying too much for service. In several cases, we even found where clients are paying for the same service multiple times!

What happens after the Technology Assessment?

The experts at Triple Source Technology review the findings from our visit. As we examine our results, we prepare a report to present information on how to improve your technology environment. The report includes the areas we found that need improvement and ways to save money. This report carries no obligation; it’s yours to keep as use as you please. It provides a road map on how to move forward, whether you chose to partner with us or not.

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